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New It's getting worse, rather than better.
My wife and I did our usual Thanksgiving cooking gig at the church. We missed last year since I was recovering from back surgery. There have been some changes. The church is now hooked up with the Cleveland Foodbank and they do several meals a week now. There are fewer volunteers and the need for them has increased. At the beginning of the month, they feed about 75 people; at the end of the month it's up to 150 or so. This is because people on social security and the middle wage earners are out of money and go to these places to get a meal. There are only so many hours a day one can work even if the low paying jobs exist. I'm working for what I made in 1995 and I'm very grateful to have the job. I know of one guy who came from to Cleveland to get a job as a welder, and he's hired on as permanent part time (read no benefits.) Something has to change. 30,000 instances of abuse of employees isn't helpful.
New Thanks for helping out.
It's very good of you and your wife to help your neighbors like that.

We give what we can, in cash and in food drives, but don't do the actual hands-on work. Folks like you do the heavy lifting, and see the heartache first hand. It must be very hard, even with the satisfaction you get of helping those in need.

I'm convinced things will get better in the coming 4 years (as long as Europe and China don't blow up), but it will continue to be a long slog. Hang in there, and thanks again.

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