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New Different strokes...
Okay, I have to admit that the martians were hilarious. To me, that was about it - the rest of the film just didn't do it for me. Other than those two, though, I haven't seen a Tim Burton film that didn't appeal to me. Hell, even Sleepy Hollow, which a lot of people didn't like locally, was a great deal of fun for me.
New Mars Attacks
It was supposed to be funny Sci-Fi as in a spoof based on some old Sci-Fi Bubblegum cards from the 1950's IIRC.

Sleepy Hollow had its momments, and was a weird and scary movie.

Planet Of The Apes could have been better, I admit that. But I really did enjoy it despite some of the acting that could have been better and the overuse of special effects tried to make up for the bad acting.

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