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New I need suggestions for Java books
I've taken it upon myself to learn Java, and I could use some suggestions for books.

My IDE is Metroworks CodeWarrior on the Mac platform. I also have a Linux/Win95 box on which I can run the code.

My background doesn't include much experience in OO languages, but I have an understanding of how to use it. I've had lots of training in C, C++, Delphi, and OO programming. I'm currently taking some rudimentary CBT courses in Java.

I already own OReilly's Java in a Nutshell, and I've read it cover to cover. I've also referenced Sun's tutorial information on their website. However, I'm still more of a 'book' person.

I plan to use Java for client-side only gui applications. As such, I plan to use Swing for the gui, and I need some database access (local machine database files).

I would like references that don't assume you were the author of C++ and that do include examples and code snippets (on CD or an internet reference).

At US$40-60+ per book, I'd rather not buy the wrong one(s). :-o

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Brian Bronson
New Sure...
[link|http://www.nwlink.com/%7Edonclark/java.html|Wired Java Fanatic] might have something useful...
Jay O'Connor

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New One to AVOID...
"Graphic Java : Mastering the JFC (3rd ed)" by David M. Geary. Published by Sun Microsystems Press.

Avoid at all costs; it sucks.

I would recommend Java in a Nutshell, but you already have it.

I also have another book to recommend, but it's sitting at home on my kitchen table ATM, as I forgot to bring it in this morning. I'll let ya know tonight or tomorrow.

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New ...And a good one...
For Swing development, run, don't walk, to [link|http://www.bookpool.com/|Bookpool.com] and get thee "Java Swing" by Eckstein, Loy, and Wood. It's an O'Reilly book, but it's not a "manimal" -- it's got an old 10¢ jukebox on the cover.

Very good for learning/referencing Swing programming. Well laid-out. Excellent examples. And screenshots all over the place, with the example code on how to create said screenshot right nearby.

One of the best coding books I own.

In order to understand recursion, one must understand recursion.
New I thought it ok...
...but not fantastic. If you are seriously into Swing, then I think the Swing book is a necessity, but I found it tedious at times (though the same can be said about Swing in general).

The thing that's hard about swing is that it amounts to amassing knowledge over a vast library. Swing is a pretty huge set of API's and getting acquanted with the library is a lot of work.
New For web-centric Java development...
I would recommend [link|http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0130893404/qid=996592987/sr=2-1/ref=aps_sr_b_1_1/104-6327119-3274323|Marty Hall's Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages].

I read the nutshell book you have, read this book and then read the O'Reilly Java Enterprise book and felt pretty comfortable doing EJB development afterwards.


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New Re: I need suggestions for Java books
A little download time and you can have the electronic version of Thinking in Java, 2nd edition, from [link|http://eckel.mirrors.netnumina.com/|http://eckel.mirrors.netnumina.com/]. Since you say you've already had training in some OO languages it might be a bit too simplistic, but you can't beat the price and it is a good intro. Java in a Nutshell can be quite dense at times.
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