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New But Archer-Daniels-McMills loves it.
New Which ADM do you mean?

If you are talking about the one that is competitors of:

Cargill and A.E. Staley

Then no, yours is incorrect.
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New It's Always Danged Microsoft, of course.
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New Cute :-)
New Re: Which ADM do you mean?
Sorry, it was Midland...I just didn't want to go look it up.

ADM love ethanol not for the value of turning it to gas...but rather it makes corn more scarce. And if you're trying to compete against ADM in ethanol....when ADM is planning on making their profits in corn rather than ethanol...you're in a losing battle.

(Battling ethanol with sugarcane might be a valid option...'cept you'd be fighting subsidies from Congress.)
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