"Bob Arnhym". Yep, it's the Same guy (as I've seen his association with Ca Pageant mentioned) who was an 'officer' at the military academy of my yout. While I have declined involvement with the remaining troops of that troupe (save for my chem teacher du jour) I suppose I could elicit from him a lengthier essay..

But why bother - they are following the Murican Bizness ethics model to a Tee. Win in small claims if you can.. collect even, If. you. can. 'Promises?' - recall the News years back when a one or three managed, via lengthy dances: to obtain a refund on the unwanted copy of Windoze, installed on a new purchase. Heard any recent stories of such 'refunds'?

Pretty chickenshit, though - considering their alleged raison d'etre. Even in Murica.