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New Boys Cast Out by Polygamists Find Help
I can't believe that this still goes on or that more ex-members don't speak out about what goes on in this lunatic, fringe cult. It still boggles my mind how powerful an emotion fear can be. [link|http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/09/us/09polygamy.html?em&ex=1189483200&en=acb2b22dd3b7a796&ei=5087%0A|NYT] 

Woodrow Johnson was 15, and by the rules of the polygamous sect in which his family lived, he had a vice that could condemn them to hell: He liked to watch movies.

When his parents discovered his secret stash of DVDs, including the \ufffdDie Hard\ufffd series and comedies, they burned them and gave him an ultimatum. Stop watching movies, they said, or leave the family and church for good.


Utah officials say they realized the extent of the problem only about four years ago, when they learned that hundreds of boys from the sect were roaming on their own and often in distress. While most have construction skills to help earn a living, few have more than a junior high education.


\ufffdIn part it\ufffds an issue of control,\ufffd Mr. Murphy said of the harsh rules. But underlying the expulsions, he added, is a mathematical reality. \ufffdIf you\ufffdre going to have plural marriage, you need fewer men,\ufffd he said.

Andrew Chatwin, 39, the uncle who took Woodrow in, left the sect 10 years ago. He explained how the expulsions usually happen: \ufffdThe leaders tell the parents they must stop this kid who is disobeying the faith and Warren Jeffs. So the parents kick him out because otherwise the father could have his wives and whole family taken away.\ufffd

New Seems to me
That most religions are based on fear and control. I cant say I'm shocked by this story.
New Re: Seems to me
When I have come across stories about this and other offshoots of the Mormon church that support polygamy, the focus of the story has been on the female brides. I never really thought about this side of the issue. I find it hard to believe that at least some teenage boys, with all that testosterone, haven't flipped their church a middle finger and started testifying against them. I mean one day you are looking forward to a future with more than one complainant wife and the next day you looking at a future with just one modern woman, if you are lucky. That must create a lot of anger.
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Bit of an extreme case, isn't it?
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