...on a WFM right next to the Home Despot on 75th St by Rte 59. The wife is salivating over when it'll be completed, as they've had a sign proclaiming "WFM Coming Soon!" for over a year now, in front of an empty lot of dirt. It'll be marginally closer than the Fruitful Yield that's in the same neighborhood (generally speaking), but much much much larger.

As for Christian's comment below, we, too, belong to a CSA. This is our first year doing it, and we signed up for the whole kit and kaboodle. It's too much greenery, even with my wife not supposed to be eating much in the way of carbs or meat-protein. We have enjoyed the selection, though. There have been lots of greens that, had they not been provided for us along with the membership (such as kohlrabi or celeriac, among others), I'd likely never have tried. Now, however, I thoroughly enjoy kohlrabi kohlslaw. ;-)