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New Straw for straw
we'll break the camel's back.

The Nazi's party line on immigration and citizenship doesn't match with either the supposed Democratic line or even the offical Democratic line. (Insert Leftist for Democratic if you wish)

It does appear to match the Neo-Con line.

New I think the definition of "American"
is basically "someone who is in country legally" (forgetting the fine details such as voting for a second). What do you think?


179. I will not outsource core functions.

New An "American" is someone living in this hemisphere
after all, a Brazilian is an American, seeing as they live in South America.

A citizen of the United States of America is rather more specific.

Part of the problem I see with political discourse in North America is the concentration on persons, with not enough talk about citizenship. See, persons have rights, citizens have responsibilities. This works really well for large corporations, as they are persons in the law, and gets people talking about their rights instead of their responsibilities. OTOH, if the discourse is concentrated on citizenship, then the corporations don't really have much to say since they aren't and cannot be citizens.

Now, if I hop across the border to visit Watertown, New York, I'm in the country legally. Does that make me an "American"? It sure doesn't make me a citizen of the US. It also doesn't make me part of the culture that surrounds citizenship in the US.

We gotta spend more time talking about citizenship in our political discourse, because the corporations can't enter that conversation, which means that it's a conversation that happens among human beings, not institutions... after all, the government of Canada is a duly incorporated entity, not a citizen.
New Define "legally"
Were the Puritans here "legally"? According to whom? What about the Spaniards in Florida? The State of Texas? The Kingdom of Hawaii?

is basically "someone who is in country legally"

H1B's are Americans? (I don't agree with that statement)

None of this matters, btw. As I pointed out, there are those who blame Liberals/Democrats for ignoring American immigration laws (regardless of whether or not they are), Your allegation was that Democrats WERE for strict immigration laws.
New we should change the discourse from illegal workers
to illegal employers, without the latter folks who arnt entitled to work here, wouldnt be here. Shut down the employers and these folks would go elsewhere.
Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?
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                         we should change the discourse from illegal workers - (boxley)
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