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New probably confusing scandals
Not sure where the "old communist guys" are coming from. Most of the current crop in power have their roots in the Solidarnosc movement. One of their last major acts was an attempt to "out" all former communist associates in public life, so I don't think they are afraid of any revelations (unless of course it would be that the brothers were "ubecy")

I'm probably confusing scandals here then. One of the problems the Polish government has faced in recent years is the ex-communist officials and associates in the government, particularly the intelligence services. Both because of their involvement with the old communist government and with their apparent tendency to be even more corrupt then the average government official.

New Hard to find accurate info
The Belgian newspaper site I usually consult only keeps the public headlines for 3 months or so. I finally dug up the BBC links below which put the collaborator issue in context.


The corruption scandal seems to date to the previous government but no specifics.
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