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New Bush is going a lot further right now
Mr Bush meanwhile sought to draw broad political dividing lines on tax, public spending and free trade, accusing Democrats of plotting the biggest tax increase in US history, endangering the solid economic growth achieved over the past four years.

He renewed his threat to veto Democratic plans to increase next year's federal budget above the $933bn requested by the White House. The comments signalled an escalation in tensions between the Bush administration and Congress.

It is pretty much a given that whoever takes office next will have to raise taxes, covering Iraq war expenses will require it. And it is no surprise that Democrats want to raise taxes, though the rhetoric is rather overheated. But Bush is talking about quite a bit more, that the Democrats in Congress now are secretly plotting the biggest tax increase in US history.

New just reversing the bush tax cuts would be the biggest
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                 Bush is going a lot further right now - (JayMehaffey) - (1)
                     just reversing the bush tax cuts would be the biggest -NT - (boxley)

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