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New Or people with 0.5+ acre of grass to mow.
New ==both answers are correct on my lawn
Any opinions expressed by me are mine alone, posted from my home computer, on my own time as a free american and do not reflect the opinions of any person or company that I have had professional relations with in the past 51 years. meep

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     Change of Season Brings Lawn Mower Warning - (crazy) - (14)
         Sounds like a sissy mower to me. - (Lily) - (13)
             So what kind of lawn mover do you have? -NT - (Seamus) - (8)
                 Why? Are you planning to come over and mow for me? -NT - (Lily) - (7)
                     I barely mow my own lawn - (Seamus) - (6)
                         Those are fightin' words. - (Lily) - (5)
                             I thought you were going to say you had a push mower -NT - (Seamus) - (4)
                                 When this mower dies, that's probably what I'll get - (Lily) - (3)
                                     I have a self-propelled mower - (Seamus) - (2)
                                         Sissy boy. - (Lily) - (1)
                                             Lazy maybe. Cheap probably. -NT - (Seamus)
             agreed, if you cant afford to ride it, push it - (boxley)
             Or people with steep hills in their yards... -NT - (admin) - (2)
                 Or people with 0.5+ acre of grass to mow. -NT - (n3jja) - (1)
                     ==both answers are correct on my lawn -NT - (boxley)

Everything is terrible.
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