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my father was a chemical engineer in the pharmaceutical industry. the company he worked for was found to have violated anti-trust laws at least once while he was with them. if anyone told me that made him an immoral or unethcial person, even though I probably wouldn't do it, I would want to punch them in the face

So he worked for a company that was CONVICTED (you said "found") of violating the law. And rather address the issue directly (hmm, "maybe there is a problem here") you would instead want to punch the person who said this.

Yup, your choice of professional and willful avoidance of the facts surrounding it is making more and more sense.
New Re: Interesting
your post made no sense

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New To you, yes
New No, in general
You incorrectly combine two things which are separate
I said that I would take exception to anyone who said that my father lacked integrity just because his employer was found to have violated the law

These are 2 separate things:
the company's status
my father's integrity

look at the post from folkert in this thread
he acknowledges that good people may work at MS


Play I Some Music w/ Papa Andy
Saturday 8 PM - 11 PM ET
All Night Rewind 11 PM - 5 PM
Reggae, African and Caribbean Music
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New Ahh, but you put up a wall
Without any possibility that your father might have been part of the crew that made the decisions that trigger the sanctions.

I accept it is very unlikely, but without knowing the specifics, possible.

You on the other hand responded with possible violence at the mere suggestion.

Yes, some good people work for MS.
Yes, some good people work for drug companies. I'd be in deep shit without a variety of drugs handy at all time (heart, blood pressure, pain killers, etc), so I'm very grateful to the good people working at drug companies.

So what. It doesn't stop a reasonable person from being wary.
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