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New Microsoft cntinues the Monopolistic actions
Daily, here in the US and abroad...

The EU for example is staring M$ down vs. the USDOJ blinking.

And since Microsoft does the "We require people and companies respect our Intellectual Property" thing... Why do they then blatantly not respect other people's and/or company's IP?

This can be seen by the sheer number of lawsuits Microsoft deals with annually, dealing with them because they just using other people's intellectual property (down with OPIP), only when they are forced to pay for the "licensing" do they actually respect OPIP.

Microsoft as a whole company is not ethical anymore. Sure many people that work there are doing the job they feel is right, many are even exceptionally ethical. But the people in charge of "destiny" at the company as a while are not making sound decisions for the company and the sales force to use.

Trust me, the Sales force is starting the "Well, we will have to check with our numbers and maybe have to do a comprehensive audit to make sure you comply". Even though a large company about 500 yards from me has all the auditing software fully approved by M$. They presented the numbers and are paying "extra fees" for IP Protection and assurance.

Don't tell me this is a company that is growing due to additional uptake, this is a company that is starting its death-throws. It doesn't have a chance to really do anything but, buy, buy, buy companies, coerce its customers and become a litigation and "deal" making company. The litigation and deal making is already happening against a foe it can not comprehend.

The one thing I have to say to you:
You actually depend on Microsoft for your lively-hood? Truly and really?
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Yeah, but 10s of Trillions of US Dollars?
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New Re: Microsoft continues the Monopolistic actions
you wrote:

You actually depend on Microsoft for your lively-hood? Truly and really?

The company I work for uses mostly MS stuff, they do pay me so that makes the answer to your question yes

except that the company got along fine before it used MS and if the decision is made to drop MS (not likely, imo, but I don't have a say) the company will still be here

all our major data is in Oracle running on Sun
so no hyper-paranoid MS lock-in could keep us from our data

all spreadsheets and text documents would survive the end of MS

if a few PowerPoint or Publisher docs were lost, who would really care
once Office 2007 is rolled out, they will all become PDFs if they are important anyway

we all know that MS is the largest s/w company in the world so why the surprise that someone or some organization is using MS

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