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New Ian takes a job with Sun.
[link|http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=38344|The Inquirer]:

By Nick Farrell: Tuesday 20 March 2007, 07:43
THE LEAD developer of the Debian Linux project, Ian Murdock starts work tomorrow as the chief operating platforms officer at Sun.

According to a statement from Sun, the position is newly created, but it has left the open sauce community guessing what the maker of Solaris 10 is up too.

Murdock is a \ufffdchief operating platform officer\ufffd but the question is which platform, Solaris 10 or Linux? Sun is not saying, but word on the street is that Sun might come up with a Linux plan to work alongside its successful open source release of Solaris 10.


Interesting. There seems to be some sentience left in Sun after all. Many were predicting they would be circling the drain by now.

New The "open sauce" community, eh?

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They should name these things for their discoverers, like comets.
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