But, make sure John is really OK. Adrenaline has a way of temporarily masking injuries.

Physically, he seems fine. He said he was barely jolted when the car hit, because the rear crumpled, rather than impacted and threw him. But he seems a little bit emotionally affected in some ways. Not exactly afraid to drive, but has a new respect, I think, for the weather as a factor. And he's driven in a lot of crazy weather, including a blizzard when we were on a mountain. But he described the spin out as surreal, and having been in one in my own car on ice, I concur.

BTW, great news! The car is probably not totalled, which is a huge relief since we had just spent almost $1000.00 getting it fixed to keep on November 1st. It's nice to have some more good news during this mess with the ice storm.