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New The hardware shouldn't care.
The writing software probably does care about the Winders version, but the hardware shouldn't. If you have writing software that can talk to the drive under your OS, you should be fine. Check the software support site, or look around [link|http://www.burnworld.com/software/dvdburning/dvdburning.htm|here] for options.


New Re: The hardware shouldn't care.
If they are specifying OS for the drive, it may have its own driver. The driver may require OS w2k or newer. If it didn't have a driver, I couldn't see them caring. Sometimes you can get cheap hardware to work on a box by doing some translation or such in a filter driver.

On the other paw, they could have only tested it on w2k and xp so that's all they put on the box. Only one way to find out...
New It's generally a support issue.
The software, always 3rd party, probably works with Windows 98. Their support staff probably hasn't been "trained" (doesn't have Q&A scripts) for Windows 98. I don't recall ever seeing an IDE/ATA drive that doesn't use the Windows/motherboard drivers under Windows 98 and later.
New Cool Link!
Thanks for pointing me to somewhere new and interesting!

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