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New I'm no gardner
the garden came with the house. about the only gardening I've done is kill dandylions and cut grass. the flowers are basically growing wild at the moment (except the orchid, it's in a pot).

for the rabbit problem, have you considered an [link|http://www.barnowlvideo.com/|owl]?
Have fun,
Carl Forde
New Well, I do have a plastic owl
perched on the fence, but the critters simply ignore it. I never considered attracting a real owl into the yard- thanks for that link.

We had a dog last year, and she did a good job keeping the animals out. We had to get rid of her though. She was psychotic. Maybe an owl is the answer.
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New Very nice linky. Thanks.
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                         Well, I do have a plastic owl - (bionerd)
                         Very nice linky. Thanks. -NT - (Another Scott)

Well, as long as you can bottle it up I'm sure that's perfectly healthy.
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