Just downloaded latest ZIP stuff - for both rel. modrin new machines. Both 'installs' thought.. they had finished the install. But no icons in tray nor desktop. Neither of the two .exe files in the directories will execute (ToolApp.exe or imgstart.exe). Uninstall/reinstall ditto for 3 tries on 2 machines.

2 machines working well in any respect I can measure, clean OS installs. No workeee BUT: it does in fact talk to the drive, runs OK HD to ZIP; molasses vice versa. Just no - format or write-prot or test, etc. (Older version on laptop OK)

Sent little note to their tech support..

So then re Norton - save for the DOS couple of maybe still useful utilities - where did they go wrongest? (ignoring the Disneyland animations you can turn off) Seems to me that N. hasn't saved anyone I know, from any problem, in last 4 years. Are the Rix Utils the only good stuff left?

(Hope the bloody latest Ghost doesn't have some surprises, next)