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New Here's a Win95 puzzle.
I have a computer sitting on the bench. It runs Windows 95 upgrade (from 3.1) version. Everything seems in order, but the very last thing it does when the desktop comes up is load the old Sysedit.exe, which opens windows within itself to edit Autoexec.bat, Config.sys, Win.ini, System.ini, Protocol.ini.

Sysedit is not mentioned in any of the above config files.

I can't figure out what's loading this thing. It's not in the startup folder, and Find finds no sysedit in the registries. Of course, since this is the original Win95, there's no msconfig.

If I rename the file, it says it can't find the file for a shortcut, but it doesn't say where that's being asked from. I can't find an icon for it on the desktop or within the start menu structure. Step-by-step startup expires before that stage, as does Bootlog.

When I close it, it disappears without trace.

Where is that turkey hiding?
New Re: Here's a Win95 puzzle.
Clearly there may be some indirection here. Have you looked inside any batch files that might be in referenced inside autoexec.bat or the Startup folder?

Also, the file might "hidden" to Windows Explorer because of View options. It could be hiding in Startup folder after all.
New There's only 5 batch files . . .
. . on the entire machine, none of which contains Sysedit. I examined all the .ini files carefully, using a text search tool on the big ones for sysedit. I examined the startup folder (and the entire start menu structure) with ZTree, which shows all files and directories regardless of attributes.

I found a directory Tools_95 which might be for some fixit program, and renamed it Fools_95 from a DOS boot to make sure nothing could correct the registry. No luck.
New Got the Bastard!
Sysedit was being loaded by some Iomega Zip Drive software that apparently had never completed it's install. One more reason to dislike Iomega (as if I needed more).
New Good Man! Flushing problem, here. :)
New Well why didn't you say so?
In the original trouble report, you didn't say anything about having installed non-Microsoft software. Had you mentioned that in the beginning, I could have immediately given you the approved answer: It was the non-Microsoft software. Remove that and everything will be fine.
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New Drew: go to your room.
New More to the point
Why didn't he mention that he had Iomega software installed, which is second only to Norton Utilities in overall bletcherousness.
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New Funny you should mention..
Just downloaded latest ZIP stuff - for both rel. modrin new machines. Both 'installs' thought.. they had finished the install. But no icons in tray nor desktop. Neither of the two .exe files in the directories will execute (ToolApp.exe or imgstart.exe). Uninstall/reinstall ditto for 3 tries on 2 machines.

2 machines working well in any respect I can measure, clean OS installs. No workeee BUT: it does in fact talk to the drive, runs OK HD to ZIP; molasses vice versa. Just no - format or write-prot or test, etc. (Older version on laptop OK)

Sent little note to their tech support..

So then re Norton - save for the DOS couple of maybe still useful utilities - where did they go wrongest? (ignoring the Disneyland animations you can turn off) Seems to me that N. hasn't saved anyone I know, from any problem, in last 4 years. Are the Rix Utils the only good stuff left?

(Hope the bloody latest Ghost doesn't have some surprises, next)

New Of course to do that, I'd have to find it first.
By time I get a computer to fix it's been worked on by "experts" for years. This failed zip install attempt probably happened 4 or 5 years ago (Pentium-S 75-MHz).
New Gaaah, a Pentium *WHAT*?
Man, it'd be more cost-effective to just by a new machine than to put any time into that thing. Damn, they must have really need that box for some reason.
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