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New Yathink it's the same ones?
That shit... I must admit I didn't look around too muh on that site, but I pretty much assumed(*) it was someone else who'd taken over the domain name.

Dunno whether that should lead us to think they've gone out of business altogether... Maybe just a name change? Or, of course, it could be them with the silly ringtones.

I'm happy to be able to tell you, quite honestly, I couldn't care the slightest whit less.

(*): Yeah, yeah, I know.

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New Nope

July, 2002:
I-incubator.com, Inc. Announces Change Of Name To Inclusion Technologies

The Company also introduced a new logo and announced that a new website, based on the recently completed acquisition of Planet Intra.com, will be launched at the address: www.inclusion.net.

Remember Frank Cohen?

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