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New What, you're surprised?
Remember, Homo Sapiens is the missing link between apes and civilized beings.

[sarcasm]Who cares if we whiteys made a promise to some neanderthal savages a hundred years ago? It was obvious in our behavior that we never planned to honor the treaty itself, the natives have nobody to blame but themselves.[/sarcasm]
New the treaty was made in 1970 and modified in 1989
not THAT long ago.
can I have my ones and zeros back?
New Missed the sarcasm tag.
I wasn't really serious about that - has any Federal body ever made a treaty with a native group that they had an intention of keeping?
New so far they are honoring this one
it is the State that refuses to honor it.
can I have my ones and zeros back?
New Too many governments
Make a treaty with the Federal Government and the State One won't honor it. Uh sorry, that is the wrong government, you made a deal with the Federal one, we are the State Government. Take it up with the State Of Alaska Government. After which if they do, then some local city or country government will start attacking them. Then after the local city or county government, it will be the settlers or local townsfolk. Need to make treaties with them all. :(
"I can see if I want anything done right around here, I'll have to do it myself!"Moe Howard
New a little more complex
If I live off the road system two things happen, basic goods must be flown or barged in and jobs are scarce so you must live off the land and water. Moose, Fish berries etc. This is called a subsistence lifestyle. Many of these communities are traditional native villages where a tribal council is the form of government and is not quite "Indian Country" thanx to the rat bastard USSC and Clarence Thomas in particular but they did leave their Soverign Status. Sovreign to the State treated as equal to the Feds. Many whites dont understand the concept that although part of the US they are equal to the states surrounding them. In Alaska there is 235 villages that treat with the feds on an equal basis as the state government.

The federal owns 4/5ths of Alaska Land the state owns almost all the rest with the natives owning about 1/5 of the states portion.

Under the treaty that allowed the alaska pipeline to be built, natives were given title to their land, gave up hunting rights on federal land but not subsistance rights. Hunting being sport and subsistance being nescesary to stay alive. This is written into the treaty.

The state of alaska has a constitution that states that fish and game must be managed as a resource to be shared by all equally and this is a good thing. Regulations were set up that said
1st use subsistence
2nd use after subsistence is satisfied sport hunting
3rd use after sport is commercial harvest (in the case of salmon)
very reasonable except in 1988 a rich white hunter from the city sued under the constitution because he couldnt hunt caribou on a private reservation because the caribou was reserved for subsistence. He claimed he needed that caribou and under the state constitution he had the same right to fly his own plane hunt a caribou and fly home with the meat and just keep the antlers as some poor bastard who's average yearly inconme is under 8k with 6 kids who needs that meat to survive.
Well equal is equal so the Alaska Court said subsistance regs had to be struck down and people from everywhere in the state had a right to fly anywhere else to hunt on an equal footing.
Ak natives of course didnt think much of this and wanted to put a "rural" priority on the ballot as a constitutional change, the repo's blocked it since 1988 until today. The Natives asked the feds to honor the treaty so the feds took away Alaskan rights to manage fish in navigable streams, federal land (where almost all the hunting takes place) and Native land. It is now managed by the Federal BLM.
Now the case of Katy John was where an old woman had always fished her creek since 1916. In 1988 after the court case in AK the state told her that wasnt allowed anymore as they had to give her fish to a lot of people in Anchorage. Federal Court said no, read the treaty let her fish.
Govenor Knowles said ok guys I will appeal this decision but the repo's have to put the ammendment on the ballot or I let this case expire. The repo's are howling because if the ballot is put to the people it will pass by about 80% of the electorate. Native people vote in the 90% + range on regular, on this vote 100% and the repos only have a stronghold in the cities and a 40% max turnout. So this Gov is smart. My gov wanted a eat it where you kill it rule but his own repos said no.

can I have my ones and zeros back?
New Great explanation, Bill
Somewhere along the line we have to come up with a decent definition of *#%&* Repos though. (As distinct from Repubs - a 'part' of the One Party with Two Right Wings\ufffd which currently have mock elections in which one-part sorta 'wins' over its near carbon copy other-part.)

Repubs appear to imagine that 'Govmint' is an abomination which should be sold off SAP to their fellow 5% buddies: so as to garner that vaunted "bizness efficiency" we all hear so much about. These are all umm so-called 'conservatives' natch (I mean - ever hear of a moderate Repub? and clearly a Liberal Repub is an oxymoron). So they want to see schools, prisons, medicine - run by Corporate er 'ethics' and for heap Big profits first - actual performance of the tasks, well.. that might come later. (I guess if you have most of the chips, you'd kinda Want to 'conserve' that position - no?)

But Repos: I've assumed are folk what think&act as Repubs often do, but they can call selves most anything (even Demos or Liber-agrarians, Posses Comatose? if'n it seems the expedient color to adopt). Most anyone who talks in euphemisms, acts sanctimonious and - all that stuff (?)

I'd suppose that in above scenario -- them what has the Learjets to play Great White Hunter with -- qualify as Repos alright: their priorities are pretty clear, and they could give a shit about even what the word subsistence might mean

(Kinda like - was it McNealy? in Silly Valley - and his big suit about bein discriminated against: they didn't want his Gulfstream a landin' in their nice bucolic local arport after 10pm at night.. noise and all. Well we've all suffered this dilemma and know just how inconvenient that is..)

Anyways - sure sounds as if yer AK Repos are reeel Self-conserving, so much so - they haven't upgraded their motto. It's still the same old:

The law in its majesty forbids both the rich and the poor to sleep under bridges.. Isn't that pretty close to, lettin them insecure males go off and kill somethin before dinner.. equally with - those who kinda need to get a dinner of some kind?

Hell, Bill - just send several o' those local papers your screed above: short, clear - al punte. Always and everywhere, to be a Man one must afflict the comfortable. No?


PS - save me a tail wheel, if'n ya accidentally toss a net a bit high - and happen to snag one o'them Gulfstreams a divin in for the Kill..
OK? (I'll put it on the mantle, next to the jar I'm keepin ready for Billy's ball.. if he still has one left).
New Repo is in this case Republican
In Alaska Republicans beleive that all money(85% comes frm where no whites ever stepfoot) belongs to the city of Anchorage and can only be doled out to infrastructure building in 50%+ white communities. The infrastructure to be built must be unwanted unneeded but benefiting one of their construction buddies. They will spend every dime that comes in on these projects and make sure not one penny goes to any form of social relief.
The demo's (democrats) beleive that all the money must be spent with their buddies who run non profits of all kinds and spent on social programs that are unneeded, unwanted and heavily resented by the people they are aimed at. Not one dime is to go for infrastructure unless the community is 50%+ white then grudgingly they will spend it on schools and water systems.
Not sure whether to believe me? Name one community that has about one thousand people that is not 50% white that has running water. Exclude the north slope because they had their own money to pay for it.
Name one community of about 1 thousand people >50% white that does not have running water paid for by the State. My bet is that that no one can answer either question.
can I have my ones and zeros back?
New I hope that you find time to write some AK papers..
Those last 2 'questions' are brief enough to make the cut (letters or Op-Ed) AND pithy enough to create some attention: what most pubs Dream of.


And of course the same great-White-er, spirit.. suffuses the lower-48 as we all know. Doesn't matter which 'indians' are being ignored: they Will be subordinated to the noisier and richer groups ~ as you suggest. 'Least it's been that way all my life. (Only a few brilliant exceptions do occur - and are latched onto as rebuttal by the Repos of every stripe - yada yada. M$ didn't invent spin; it's merely the only thing they do well.)

New did that
The Anchorage daily news (the only newspaper left after the paper wars, they are owned by the Mclatchey (SACBEE etc) group) deemed it was to offensive and devisive to run. Before the war and their old editor would print almost everything edited for libel or profanity. Now they are very restrictive in what they print.
can I have my ones and zeros back?
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