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New Microsoft Escalation Team Introduction
Posted as received - names and numbers removed...
Now we are supposed to rat on our customers.

Thank you for your time, I assist partners that are running into competitive situations usually with Linux, Unix and Novel mainly. Our main focus is dealing with competitive situations and helping our small business partners by offering resources and information to them. We are able to offer;

* Detailed Product Information

* TCO Documents
* Case Studies
* White Papers
* Microsoft Press Books and Materials
* Deployment Subsidys (depending on situations)

Give me a call at nnn-nnn-nnnn ext nnnn 7-4 central time, or if email is easier for you to communicate please feel free to drop me an email.

Thank you,
Xxxxxx Xxxxx
Microsoft Partner Escalation Team
nnn-nnn-nnnn ext nnnn

Need help with a challenging competitive deal? - www.microsoft.com/partner/usa/bpceform

Attend a FREE Microsoft Seminar
To register and learn more, visit: www.connect-ms.com
Get the facts about Windows and Linux - www.microsoft.com/getthefacts

Partner Name:

Partner Type: (VAR, SB, Service Provider, etc.)

Partner Status: (breadth, managed, certified , etc.)

Client Name:

State / Region:


Client Size - Servers:

Client Size - PC's:

Current Server OS:

Competitive Product (Include specific versions if known):

Microsoft Product:

Server Workload:

Estimated Close Date:

Situation Notes:

Type of assistance requested and why:

New Now?
There've been several "rat on your customers" pogroms over the years, including ratting on customers who bought PCs without Windows.
New Yep. I remember those from my MCSP days.
The anti-Linux FUD packages were exceptionally funny. But I was always agast at their appeal to rat on customers.

It would seem, therefore, that the three human impulses embodied in religion are fear, conceit, and hatred. The purpose of religion, one might say, is to give an air of respectibility to these passions. -- Bertrand Russell
New Dang, I must be blind - I read that as "programs", at first.
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             Yep. I remember those from my MCSP days. - (mmoffitt)
             Dang, I must be blind - I read that as "programs", at first. -NT - (CRConrad)

We're not going to play any mature games, are we?
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