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New Re: First two are true all up and down the east coast
Also, don't ever, ever tap your brake lights to get a tailgater to slow down in D.C. -- I did this once (standard Michigan practice)...

As it was a standard NJ practice when I was there.

Then I moved to Texas. Driving home from 6th Street one night on Mopac, I had some idjit zoom up behind me doing something like 95. I was in the left lane, and there was a car I'd just passed not too far back on the next lane over. I was probably doing 75-80 myself. Instead of pulling around to pass me on the right (there was plenty of room), this asshole tailgated me (I couldn't even see the reflection from his headlights, he was so close) for a short while. After tapping my brakes didn't do anything, I removed my foot from the accelerator and slowed it down to about 35 before he got fed up and zoomed around me.

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New My standard tailgater reaction now:
Much like that: the closer he follows me, the slower I drive.

I got tailgated once in a snowstorm (in my Mustang)... ice everywhere, people are driving about 5 miles an hour, and this idiot is tailgating me going UP an icy hill.

-scott anderson
New err
when you see a car approaching at a high rate of speed remember the rule and the sign slower traffic keep right and get out of the way. If there is room of course. Nothing worse than judging to go round on the right and have someone sideswipe you because they wernt paying attention moving out of the way "usually" means that you have been seen and makes it a little less hazarduse for all of us. Used to have that problem in Cal till all the road rage shootings took place. (about 1986) after that people got the heck out of the way.
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New The way I see it
they are in a hurry to get a speeding ticket or in a hurry to get to the hospital via a car-wreck. If I speed up, I may get a ticket as well, if I don't get out of the way I may end up in a car-wreck as well.

I just let them pass, usually I'll see them pulled over by a cop further down the road, or find them stopped at a stoplight right next to my car, or find them in a wreck that slows down the rest of the traffic.
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