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New Anybody still using PMMail/2?
Because I'd really like to figure out how, after using this program for over 7 years, it suddenly refuses to send mail out. All I'm getting is:

503 5.5.0 No MAIL FROM command has been issued. ; This is the error that resulted from the RCPT TO command

This started 2-4 days ago. Before that, I could send anything from any account.

Expand Edited by n3jja April 6, 2005, 09:39:04 PM EDT
New I've got it on my 486, but I haven't turned it on in ~ 2 yrs
Has something changed on your ISP's SMTP server? Some antispam setting perhaps? Is your mailbox full?

Maybe [link|http://www.mailsbroadcast.com/email.bolts&nuts/smtp.return.codes.error.htm|this] will help you debug it. It seems to be on the server side, if I'm skimming things correctly.

HTH. Luck!

New Nope, ditched that one a long time back
however, it sounds like it might be running afoul of an antispam measure implemented on your provider's mta.
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New Additional info
Netscape 4.61 mail on OS/2 works.

Thunderbird on OS/2 works.

Evolution 1.4 on Mandrake works.

None of the other Windoze machines that are using Mozilla or Netscape 6.0 mail are having a problem.

This is god-damned frustrating.....

Made zip archives of my mail, deleted PMMail, and did a new install. Still fucked.

New I'm using it at about 6 locations (OS/2 & Windows)
I got messages like that when there were changes at the SMTP servers. This particularly happened about a year ago when several of the ISPs serving my clients switched to requiring authentication for SMTP.

If authentication is required you need a pretty recent version of PMMail/2 because only the recent versions support authentication. The version I use here is 2.20.2382 and it supports authentication.

You can ask your ISP if he's changed the server or try loging into the SMTP server with telnet.
New Give that man a cigar!
I thought I had gone through those settings, but apparently I did not.

Why the fuck can't these people tell you shit before they fucking do it!?

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