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New How many years for the mauler dogs?
Remember the people who owned the dogs that mauled to death the lady in SF?

Look for their trial, or plea bargain, or whatever - I *hope* they get more time, but in today's climate, it's an even bet as to whether they get more time than the dog-tosser.

And for Christ's sake (even if you don't believe) there are MANSLAUGHTER victims who get less time.

if there were a wall next to my computer I would be beating my head against it. Cruelty to animals deserves some punishment. But three years behind bars? Compared to cruelty to humans?

Someone let me out. I'm trapped in the human race.

And this forking preview feature needs to be disabled by default :=) (so many arguments about this on the old ezboard....)
French Zombies are zapping me with lasers!
New Disable preview in Prefs = uncheck the [x] box.
New Re: Disable preview in Prefs = uncheck the [x] box.
You are threatening the mouse in my pocket.
French Zombies are zapping me with lasers!
New It was really an attack on a person
The hostility was toward the driver - killing the dog was a convenient way to inflict pain on a human.

I agree that the penalty is exessive if you only consider the dog as the victim.
White guys in suits know best
- Pat McCurdy
New Local paper coverage suggested,
Neither judge nor jury thought they detected any slightest sign of remorse - except for the fact that he was found, of course. Later. (he left the scene, of course.. a true coward)

My surmise is that, the "issue" pretty much sub-rosa, has something to do also with - the Murican habit of treating even so-called 'pets' as disposable commodities, once their entertainment value drops below that of the next toy to catch the light just right. Likely too - for many other persons (and not just old folks with cats) - their esteem for the animal more than rivals that for any (living?) human contacts. Pets are, at the very least - not duplicitous.

Killing a 'pet' this important to another is - as you say - an act just-short of - murder of the owner. Merely a surrogate then, for intent to murder another.

He got barely what he 'deserved' IMO. You cannot match-up other crimes on some Mohr scale of 'hardness' - which is why we Have judges (unless it is about Drugs - then we have spreadsheets and no chance for a Judge judging).

I also tend to the belief, from all experience: learning how to 'love' a pet, is for most persons: the best training they ever have on the topic. (And those who never can love an animal - are quite less-likely ever to be capable of 'loving' another homo-sap. At all.)

This creep yielded to his Self-Importance / the utter Outrage! that someone might have scratched his New UAV Bumper -- so he went into full-kill mode. Lock the mfucker up indeed. He won't learn shit, of course - but he'll be away long enough to give the rest of the population a small breather from his execrable presence.

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