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New OhRyan - as Gurdjieff said to Ouspensky, when he met him..
(G. having read O's book, Tertium Organum) - O. visiting G. in order to try to become a "student of G's"...

"Pyotr Demianovich, if you understood what you have written, you would be My Teacher.."

You may have 'Gotten' more than you believe you have gotten - but not really seeing that: is as useless as Seeing and doing nothing about what you have learned.

ie thou sayest.

(And don't ridicule the idea of a mere TeeVee play - actually having more subtle overtones and implications - that's YAN way of not-ever Seeing anything) We learn ONLY via metaphors, always..

^%*#*^@# Wake Up Norm! It's all much better when you are indeed Awake - whatever that takes.
New Wake up?
I am awake, just sometimes half-asleep due to the medication. But I can notice things that I didn't notice before. Is this a change for the good or for the bad?
"I can see if I want anything done right around here, I'll have to do it myself!"Moe Howard
New it appears that a couple of yer prior meds
were self cancelling and yer brain patterns are being regulated by the new ones in a more "bell curve normal" way. they are fireing off certain receptors regularly that the docs "think" are needed to control depression. Since you are a non drinker you need some form of mental maintenance because of yer depression.
can I have my ones and zeros back?
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"There are two major products that come from Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence." -- Jeremy S. Anderson
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