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New Twilight Zone episode:
Demonstrating how 'time' works. It is corpuscular not continuous (See Science section). Couple wake up to see: how the scenery Actually gets changed, second-by second:

Lots o' guys wearing green coveralls do the scene-shifting. Not s'posed to See This\ufffd !!


But.. whatever turns ya on. It IS a conspiracy of course; those rose-colored glasses are slipped on just after birth, so's the rest of the troops aren't frightened when someone notices:

The guys in green ... you aren't s'posed to See. See?

"Trickle-down" er economics: It's OK if 3% get most of It.
24/7 cubicles: It's OK if the above ^ herd sheep into small pens.
______ don't be shy: ADD to your miniscule list of er 'convenient daily illusions'

(It makes the absurdities a bit easier to bear, if one recognizes their source) We always measure our cell - when incarcerated.
New Seeing the unseen
I thought it was blue coveralls, and one guy left a blue wrench that was used to reassemble the backgound. The husband found it and hid it so nobody else would see it. But then the TZ was in Black and White so we can only imagine the colors of the guys building the "sets".

Call them Angels or just the guys in the coveralls, nobody is really supposed to see them. Sometimes we get out of synch of time and notice these things, being in-synch (not the boy band of the same name, you know what I mean) with time blinds us to the goings on around us.

It is not a matter of having rose-colored glasses, it is a matter of seeing things the way we are supposed to see them. If we saw the truth, it would be shocking, I am sure. So instead we see our version of the truth and the way things look like to us. If we saw them from different perspectives it might make a whole different truth.
"I can see if I want anything done right around here, I'll have to do it myself!"Moe Howard
New OhRyan - as Gurdjieff said to Ouspensky, when he met him..
(G. having read O's book, Tertium Organum) - O. visiting G. in order to try to become a "student of G's"...

"Pyotr Demianovich, if you understood what you have written, you would be My Teacher.."

You may have 'Gotten' more than you believe you have gotten - but not really seeing that: is as useless as Seeing and doing nothing about what you have learned.

ie thou sayest.

(And don't ridicule the idea of a mere TeeVee play - actually having more subtle overtones and implications - that's YAN way of not-ever Seeing anything) We learn ONLY via metaphors, always..

^%*#*^@# Wake Up Norm! It's all much better when you are indeed Awake - whatever that takes.
New Wake up?
I am awake, just sometimes half-asleep due to the medication. But I can notice things that I didn't notice before. Is this a change for the good or for the bad?
"I can see if I want anything done right around here, I'll have to do it myself!"Moe Howard
New it appears that a couple of yer prior meds
were self cancelling and yer brain patterns are being regulated by the new ones in a more "bell curve normal" way. they are fireing off certain receptors regularly that the docs "think" are needed to control depression. Since you are a non drinker you need some form of mental maintenance because of yer depression.
can I have my ones and zeros back?
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