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New Insanity ...
IIRC the World Series is the first time this year Schilling pitched on 3 days rest. So, maybe in Philly where they weren't concerned about making the playoffs little on the Series, he pitched on 3 days rest all the time. Ya got anything to back up your contention? I believe his pitch count was 88 or less when Soriano hit a homer off him in game 7.

Before game 4 the Yankees had never won a WS game when they trailed going into the 8th inning. It was also something like 50 years since any WS team had been able to overcome a 2 or more run deficit in the 9th inning.

Brenly played the odds by bringing in Kim. It was actually a conservative call. Keep in mind that Brenly didn't have a quality middle reliever to bridge into his closer like the Yankees did, although oddly no one questions why they didn't use him instead of over using Rivera. As a result he had no choice but to bring in Kim or risk the entire series.
New Conservative call...
...when you are supposed to be agressive. Thats why I didn't like it.

And Schilling used to pitch on 3 days alot here...and like he did in this series...generally got stronger as the game wore on.

Soriano golfed his homer..it was a good pitch...and an even better hit. That will happen.
You were born...and so you're free...so Happy Birthday! Laurie Anderson

New Yay for Dbacks
The team I love to hate is the damn Yankees. Nice to see them get slapped down.
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New Wanted to see a good series..
...and finally did.

Of course, the Yankees losing to the Dbacks was a good thing...since my team got whacked early.

Hint: Wahoo!
You were born...and so you're free...so Happy Birthday! Laurie Anderson

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