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New Cheesesteak Madness
Ya gotta layoff the cheese steaks, they are clogging the oxygen supply to the brain.

Brenly pulled Schilling because he thought he was gassed. Evidently Kurt always wants to stay in even when he says things like "don't leave me hanging". Leave him in and forget about having him available to start game 7. Brenly thought strategicly and decided not to stake the whole Series on a tired pitcher. Kim made Brenly look like a genius for 5 of the 6 outs. Brenly didn't make a bad decision, it just didn't work out as planned.

The D'backs lost some battles, but won the war.

How come the Yankee manger doesn't get criticised for over using Rivera and under using Hitchcock among other things?
New Um...
Leave Schilling in...only 88 pitches on a guy thats >used< to throwing on 3 days rest...and you don't have to pitch Kim more than one inning. Obviously you know I'm from Philly...and the one thing we know here is that Schilling with a 2 run lead and a low pitch count going into the 8th is about as much a lock as you can have for a win.

Thinking for game 7 when you have a lock on game 4 to go up 3-1 is INSANE. Then you go into game 5...which they again had a late inning lead...with Kim to pitch one inning (his max effectiveness) and Johnson and Batista et al as your closers to win the series in 5.
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New Insanity ...
IIRC the World Series is the first time this year Schilling pitched on 3 days rest. So, maybe in Philly where they weren't concerned about making the playoffs little on the Series, he pitched on 3 days rest all the time. Ya got anything to back up your contention? I believe his pitch count was 88 or less when Soriano hit a homer off him in game 7.

Before game 4 the Yankees had never won a WS game when they trailed going into the 8th inning. It was also something like 50 years since any WS team had been able to overcome a 2 or more run deficit in the 9th inning.

Brenly played the odds by bringing in Kim. It was actually a conservative call. Keep in mind that Brenly didn't have a quality middle reliever to bridge into his closer like the Yankees did, although oddly no one questions why they didn't use him instead of over using Rivera. As a result he had no choice but to bring in Kim or risk the entire series.
New Conservative call...
...when you are supposed to be agressive. Thats why I didn't like it.

And Schilling used to pitch on 3 days alot here...and like he did in this series...generally got stronger as the game wore on.

Soriano golfed his homer..it was a good pitch...and an even better hit. That will happen.
You were born...and so you're free...so Happy Birthday! Laurie Anderson

New Yay for Dbacks
The team I love to hate is the damn Yankees. Nice to see them get slapped down.
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New Wanted to see a good series..
...and finally did.

Of course, the Yankees losing to the Dbacks was a good thing...since my team got whacked early.

Hint: Wahoo!
You were born...and so you're free...so Happy Birthday! Laurie Anderson

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