Awww.. kids, kittehs cute as a-bug's-ear.. (How different adulthood; one retains a sort of equanimity and the charm); the other ranges ~ anywhere between ± ∞ sometimes in the same day? (do I detect a Cosmic-error in the Op-amp which should regulate the umm, 'Id'-thing? in the latter.) Bad compile in that Natural-selection

Just goes to show that, even the version I heard ..was somewhat bogosified/or I simply mumbled Line 2, sloth at an early age.
(My recollection was that "the cellar door" was really that sloped double-door re tornadoes ..because: Wizard of Oz?) just a w.a.g.

Nobody then ever could have imagined ..later on ... applying a stanza! re some totally screwed-up little boy ... with a Bag-man at his command (let alone re The Planet).
We're Here and ... We Can't, really.