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New That's a bit disquieting.
Recent soil testing of the entire landfill detected lead in specific, localized areas around the perimeter of the north side of the park (the portion of the park located across the Hoffman Channel bridge).

That's certainly not helping. ;0(

It's mourning in America again.
New In the dis-US: when we set out to pollute..
We cover all the elements: the Bankers, the easily-pwned vote-machines, the air ... water and--not to be left out--we even pre-pollute where the doggie-poo might fall.

Now That's! *consistency! I wot.
* per that scabrous Dictionary: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds." ✓ ✓

JEEZ I Wish that .."that Other Shoe" would Drop ... this fucking Brain-Eater/Dementor ...
1) Hates Love thence, all living-things;
2) most of all, His-fucking-Self, seen in every grimace.
3) It's getting like.. tied to a chair/forced to listen to ISawMommyKissing*SantaClaus In. Perpetuity.
* actually: His daughter,

330,666,000 victims and NO ONE can remove this Tick on the Asshole of all humanity???
What Wimps We Be/and that 'nick will be with us Next and Forever. Heil! Assholes--you-Deserve-this.
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                         That's a bit disquieting. - (mmoffitt) - (1)
                             In the dis-US: when we set out to pollute.. - (Ashton)

Hard science if ever there was.
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