(I hadn't read the full context of that Word appearance); agree also that 'half' might well have been such an over-step as to galvanize the Unteachables further
--> into mindless lock-step, for the duration..

So.. thanks for the reminder about 'due diligence' when trying to make Sense of the senselessness of living amidst a plurality of Mouth-breathers
(who also don't Test Anything Said by either their now-God (nor ditto re any rebuttals to his vitriol-in-every sentence.))

{sigh} Confucius had it-all fucking-RIGHT, all along: Language Itself has by today--been rendered well into Uselessness, for Essential/practical purposes.
And one needs no essay to illustrate just Why that daily-Fact leads to impending.. well, Doom ..unless: the Orange-Göbbels--
still a possibility via any next truly-Hideous tweet--mouths hisself into an inextricable-via-bloviation

"I Really Am Pure Shit!" blunder.

Fingers, toes, gonads crossed.