In summary, this minor brohaha suggests that, even were there er, Actualized: a brand-new turbocharged Intarweb some. day. this situation of now-guaranteed Insecurity ... shall remain the same.
(Could this be Nature's Way of (trying to..) Remind Us'ns-All: that in This omniverse, the word Certainty is both a chimera and ... a demonstrable oxymoron?)

(It's assuredly the case within all metaphysical wonderings) so.. I calls it a glimpse. a palpable glimpse of Reality. But I'm biased; I may not pass the Turing test either. Likely too: "acute testosterone poisoning" is apt to be big on the homo-sap necropsy (isn't Hacking just another form of Mine's Bigger?)


Does not Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem demonstrate this Finally? (except for Itself proving to be somewhat, er incomplete also too?)
Bring on all them NRA-armed-to-teeth minions; my Ronald's Raygun Quantum-Blaster can disintegrate a case of .44 Magnums from a mile away.

;^> Sorry.. all of 2016 thru today has been so Irregularly-irregular that, only the Goddess of Humour can make sense of the whole schmeer. Endorphins appear wherever a one can find them :-)