Via this link at your link:
It seems that the same level of techno-knowledge seemingly employed by the scam-sell-short 'Viceroy' locus of conniving creeps: also undoes their scheme, prolly with extreme-prejudice in any of the Informed and ept. Even moi can see that: an exploit requiring an already-pwned system may well deserve some remediation, but it's hardly an Obituary-grade revelation, except to er, the intentionally-uninformed and presumably (often enough) unteachable.

Jung might have had a few comments about these Drumpf-like mindsets, but he's dead. Maybe some wag can hack Viceroy's servers and, you know.. indulge our latent Schadenfreude?
We needs a giggle now and then, I wot. Viceroy shirley deserves to be Outed, just because they are There, wear suits and act like Repos.