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er, God Ravi permitting..
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On the good news side: I think I've found the main entrance to the house. Not a single squeak has been heard inside since.

On the not so good news side: too many alternate targets. We're now replacing the vehicle air cleaners annually; my car also used to have covers over the wheel wells, sealing the engine compartment; motorcycle covers are well ventilated; ... So far, no brake fluid detected on the deck :-/

Sadly, we have something called fisher cats (actually a large weasel) prowling the outdoors. Our last MrOWWwwwrrrr! didn't make it past his first birthday :-(
New Varmits seem to have gotten into our cars ventilation ducts.
My VW was at a body shop for a few weeks after I was rear-ended going 70 mph on the highway (a while ago). After I got it home, I started noticing bits of foam coming out of the air ducts. Later, I found a nest on the engine block...


Annoying little buggers.

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                 Varmits seem to have gotten into our cars ventilation ducts. - (Another Scott)

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