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New Like the GWOT, it never ends
Longtime members may recall my dispatches over the years from the War Against the Mice. After years of apparent peace along the DMZ, the wily foe appears this week to be probing our defenses. Regrettably, the forces of complacency and appeasement have permitted the arsenal here to become depleted, and when we deployed defensive measures last night we were obliged to have recourse to obsolete technology: the imperfectly responsive Thunderfucker Mark I™ series of traps. These have been deployed and licked clean overnight by the nimble-fingered foe without triggering the Jaws of Death. We have now goosed defense spending—certain domestic sacrifices will have to be made, but the important thing is to Make Harrison Street Great Again—and implemented the Thunderfucker Mark IX Electrodeath Deluxe™ technology. Unless the fucking mouse has positively gorged itself on peanut butter today, I hope to report that there will be no joy in Mouseville this evening.

New We called out a professional a few months ago.
The little varmints sounded like they were having a party in our attic and in the floor between the stories. :-(

He put out several of these bait holders - https://www.domyownpestcontrol.com/mbs1-mouse-bait-station-p-2411.html?sub_id=2776

and used this bait - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B003ORPOJ8/ He claimed that it doesn't affect anything that eats the mice, but one obviously wants to keep it away from pets and beneficial animals. (He wanted to put it outside out home (along the foundation wall), but I'm against that.)

It didn't work instantly, but it does seem to have helped a great deal. I bought a refill bucket of my own and more bait holders (to use here, and to put a few out at my step-mom's place).

Might be worth a try.

Good luck!

New Er.. hint:

er, God Ravi permitting..
New Late to the party
On the good news side: I think I've found the main entrance to the house. Not a single squeak has been heard inside since.

On the not so good news side: too many alternate targets. We're now replacing the vehicle air cleaners annually; my car also used to have covers over the wheel wells, sealing the engine compartment; motorcycle covers are well ventilated; ... So far, no brake fluid detected on the deck :-/

Sadly, we have something called fisher cats (actually a large weasel) prowling the outdoors. Our last MrOWWwwwrrrr! didn't make it past his first birthday :-(
New Varmits seem to have gotten into our cars ventilation ducts.
My VW was at a body shop for a few weeks after I was rear-ended going 70 mph on the highway (a while ago). After I got it home, I started noticing bits of foam coming out of the air ducts. Later, I found a nest on the engine block...


Annoying little buggers.

     Like the GWOT, it never ends - (rcareaga) - (4)
         We called out a professional a few months ago. - (Another Scott)
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                 Varmits seem to have gotten into our cars ventilation ducts. - (Another Scott)

Wanted: Web developer, command line junkie getting his freak on.
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