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New :-) Enjoy your party and your first day of freedom!
Retirements/Going-aways are always awkward at my place of employment, too.

We recently had a rising star, extremely sharp, well-spoken, personable, beautiful, friendly, the ideal co-worker, who just about everyone loved, decide to leave and go to law school. Management was shocked because they thought they were grooming her to start to move into management. They can't see that it's still a pretty toxic and horrible environment for women here - even for those they think are being well-treated - and a pretty frustrating environment overall if you want to make timely progress.

They didn't ask themselves, "Why would someone who spent 5+ years getting a STEM PhD, who worked at 2 other places before coming here, why would they decide to leave just as they were about to move into management? Why would they give up totally science after all of that effort just when it's starting to pay off??" So, they won't figure it out... :-/

I'm sorry that you had to suffer with similarly brain-damaged managers. I'm glad you were able to see things through and to (pretty-much) retire on your own terms. It's a great accomplishment and a rare one these days!

Enjoy your day, even if it's just from an "I can't believe this is so lame" vantage point. :-D

New I had a pretty good run
I landed the graphics gig thirty years ago, and until about this time in 2011 I sat at the tables of the mighty (admittedly below the salt), and my output was well-regarded. I fell out of favor after that, but I don’t call the outfit “BrainDead Systems” for nuthin: it’s slow and ponderous, and we’ve had a succession of senior managers move in and out since then who might, with longer tenures, have actually moved to get rid of me. I’m leaving on Friday with a pretty good defined-benefit plan (BDS doesn’t offer these anymore, but I’m grandfathered in under the old Flatline system), and when Personnel ran the numbers for me I was astonished at how minor the haircut will be. I’ll step out of the BrainDead Building on Friday with relief, but with no sense of feeling unduly ill-used.

New "Emoji: (thumbs-up)"
New The party was less awkward than it might have been
Actually, I’m left with a renewed appreciation for the role of ceremony at life events. People said nice things—at points I felt like Tom Sawyer eavesdropping on his funeral—and the equivalent of a gold watch was presented. I’m the last guy to have worked in the building in the seventies, it turns out. I didn’t really have the emotional sense of retirement until this afternoon. It was a little hilarious listening to the newly-arrived Big Boss, whom I met for two minutes last week, paying tribute to me, but I have been to funerals like that times past.

New Rituals are important.
New Somebody get me a chicken

New Like funerals, rituals are for those left behind too.
Don't forget if you get a call back for some gig, mark it up at least 40-50%.

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

-- Isaac Asimov
New 40-50? Nay, 75-125.

It's mourning in America again.
New 's always nice to be Nice though..
New-boss placed in an awkward position but had to say Something ('course had he some Carlinesque sensibilities: he could have mocked-Self, eh?)

Glad you caught a preview of Obit, kinda reveals what They thought are your talents -vs- how you might have filled out your own Dance-card.

Master Prediction then..
The Future Lies Ahead
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