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New I had a pretty good run
I landed the graphics gig thirty years ago, and until about this time in 2011 I sat at the tables of the mighty (admittedly below the salt), and my output was well-regarded. I fell out of favor after that, but I don’t call the outfit “BrainDead Systems” for nuthin: it’s slow and ponderous, and we’ve had a succession of senior managers move in and out since then who might, with longer tenures, have actually moved to get rid of me. I’m leaving on Friday with a pretty good defined-benefit plan (BDS doesn’t offer these anymore, but I’m grandfathered in under the old Flatline system), and when Personnel ran the numbers for me I was astonished at how minor the haircut will be. I’ll step out of the BrainDead Building on Friday with relief, but with no sense of feeling unduly ill-used.

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I invited her up to my place for a little midnight bait. I said, "Come on, baby. It'll only take a few minnows." She threw me that same old line: "Not tonight, I've got a haddock."
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