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New Anyone done Mavericks yet?
Seeking some reports on prospects of skipping both Lions --> direct: on my Spring '08 iMac, natch.
Without some 50:50 likelihood of a necessary Roll-back attempt, as noted--with some combos.
The appropriate Safari has Got to be better than this Redmond-grade unsupported turkey.

New Not here.
It's not been on our list. I've been bad about upgrading J's machines. I'll look into it after Xmas, maybe.

It sounds like even if something goes wrong, you should be able to recover from it. But backup anything you can't afford to lose (of course).


Good luck!

New I have it
I have on my one-year-old iMac had Mountain lion on it so the upgrade to maverick was free
So far I like it made to computer faster
Has talk to text now that works pretty good
Don't know if you can skip over Mountain lion
I think you have to have mountain lion on your Mac to get Maverick
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New Yep.
The OS upgrade was free and for what I do barely noticed.

What irked me was the coincident update of Numbers, the spreadsheet program (free with the OS). It is much more like the version they've had for the iPad and very different in "human factors" from the prior version. Now it's possible to somehow keep the original Numbers, but I've decided to bite the bullet and adapt. I had bought the Numbers app some time ago for my hand me down iPad, but haven't used it much.

So far the unified Numbers experience has been mostly a PITA.
New That is the one issue.
That is the issue here.

We have the previous previous version of Numbers and Pages. Neither one of the new versions can open "2 versions ago" documents or spreadsheets.

But, they do have the previous version available to "open with" so you can cut and paste.

No other problems. Except, to get Mavericks, you have to have an AppleID. I reactivated my 2007 ID and it downloaded and updated the OS, without any problem.

I have Mavericks on all my Macs (iMac 'late 2007', Mac Mini 'Mid 2012', Macbook 'Early 2008', MacBook Pro 'late 2012', MacBookPro 'Late 2013'), except the hackintosh... which isn't 64bit and can't run it.

It actually is very nice and walls in the garden a bit more... but the workarounds that existed before that were kind of enabled by default, are now not enabled by default. This is good for the general health of machines and protection from idiot users from themselves. Still not a problem for those that wish to take thing into their own hands.

Forgot, on older machines... (like the 2008 and 2007) you will need to max out the memory. I had to put 4GB in my iMac and 4GB in the Macbook. Otherwise, they sometimes seemed a bit sluggish.
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Expand Edited by folkert Dec. 20, 2013, 10:54:19 AM EST
New Thanks for the details.
Apple's seeming penchant for dumbing down and changing their software for seemingly bad reasons (witness the screaming about Final Cut Pro X) gives me pause.

Breaking backward file compatibility is a very bad red flag. :-(

See the last comment here - https://discussions....?start=0&tstart=0


It makes me think that keeping current with LibreOffice on Win, Linux, and Mac is a good idea. YMMV.


Thanks again.


New I'm hearing...
...that the new versions of Pages/Numbers/Etc silently upgrade your documents to the latest version, and the old versions of software cannot read these upgraded documents.

Is that correct? I have friends/family asking about Mavericks, and it's not on my radar these days.
New No 100% sure...
Since I have the 2 versions ago... the new version will not read those... nor write to any of the older versions, period. So if you *DO* open the file from "last version" and save... can only be opened by the new version since there is no option to "save as" an older version.

They probably justify this as: Mavericks is free and includes newer versions for previous installations

I don't know if the new versions of "iWorks" pages/numbers/etc are free for machines unable to run Mavericks. As I never checked before I updated to Mavericks.


After some checking... the answer is *NO*... you have to be running Mavericks to get the newest stuff. http://www.apple.com/mac/pages/ at the bottom goes to: http://www.apple.com...s/mac/up-to-date/ and apparently, if you've ever installed/purchased them before (like I did from DVD) you are eligible once on Mavericks. I also believe the "dates" are bogus, as I updated well after those dates.

Kind of a crappy thing to me. But hey, what ever works.

The other thing they have done, is change the interface to make it similar to the iPad/etc versions. But since the wife likes the new version better... it is fine with me as I use LibreOffice for everything.

After plunking around... it will not *SAVE* the originaly odcs in the old format, but will "Export To" PDF, Word, Plain text, ePub and Pages '09...

This means it SUCKS... then you have to have 2 or 3 or more versions of the same doc floating around. Meh.
"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible." --Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
Expand Edited by folkert Dec. 20, 2013, 12:44:02 PM EST
New Ta.
Sounds like entirely too much farting around. I'll point them at Office, if they ask.

Irrespective of anything else, Office is good with backwards compatibility.
New Another issue.
Another issue is the treatment of Java apps. They have tightened up when and how they get fired up. By default they will not run Java apps that did not come from the App Store. Even if you change that to accept Java from anywhere it's hit or miss and often miss.

My broker has a non-App Store Java app that downloads, verifies, and starts another Java app. Well, part two of that fails most of the time. That's a major PITA. That app lets me see the Level-2 market orders, i.e. those orders that are the same or lower then the current "bid" and same or higher price as the current "asked" along with number of shares. So you can see the "depth" of the market for a stock. Given that I always use limit orders, it helps me to see all this in setting my prices.

Of course running Java apps from anywhere has its own exposures.
New Speaking of update...
10.9.1 was just released.

Yep, I'm taking the plunge!
"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible." --Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
New Re: Speaking of update...
Did it
"Pictures are better then words because some words are big and hard to understand"
Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
New Re: Did it.
Yep, on the 16th of Dec.
New Thanks all.. helpful. Mav. still seems ~ beta+
The Apps incompatibilities aren't an issue for me.
Implication is that I'd need to go-->Mt. Lion, next deal with the d/l-ONLY PITA for Sarah Palin Mavericks.
(Can't see why burning the d/l image to DVD should be other than trivial, although making it bootable in 1-step... Haven't tried.)

Maybe will settle for Mt. Lion while Maverick debug happens, presuming that its Safari build functions.
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I am always satisfied with the best.
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New Uh... not really, 10.9.0 was nearly error free.
Really the only thing was the iWork issues. And it was Apple's decision to cut backwards compatibility 2 versions back and not allow the newest stuff to easily inter act with the last version.

That has really been the only issue.

To me, as of right now... it is only a minor bump in the road with Apple decisions. Especially considering the improvements of the OS since Lion.
"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible." --Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
New OK.. thanks. Maybe in Jan. then.
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