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New Re: blast(*r) from the past
Kindly quit stalking me and talking about me if you want to be rid of me.

I want to thank you all for so kindly thinking of me, and apologize for my past actions and behaviors.

I forgive you all.

I learned Buddhism and that pain and suffering comes from desire and attachment. Remove your attachment and desire of me, and you will no longer have the pain and suffering of me.

It is moral and ethical of any system to forgive, why you all never forgive is beyond my understanding of morals and ethics.

Psychological projection I assume?

I hope this is my last post, I will not return. But to say none of you can cause me any more pain and suffering because I removed the desire and attachment to it.

Kindly find a new hobby this talk of me and Googlestalking of me has to end.

NK The Frankenstein Monster of IWETHEY that you all had a hand in creating.

"I am not starved for attention, I could care less what you think of me. You who claim want nothing to do with me, yet post my name from time to time and then have to edit your post to spell my name a different way, least you summon me here like The Devil. You have created your own hell."

New Oh...
Do fuck off.

Go on.

Off you fuck.
New Re: Oh...
Nice try. I am not impressed. Banning my account.

You must really be hurting, so much pain and suffering.

BTW you are the one who gave me the advice for the Orion Blastar suicide in email. We had many such email conversations on such topics.

Owl taught me how to lie and manipulate others. When she could no longer manipulate me she began to hate me, and when you could no longer manipulate me the same thing. A very strange habit you all seem to share.

You all invited me back by making this topic. You must really care that much about me to hate me so.

I am here to tell you all to drop it, it is not healthy to hold a grudge for that long. You will only make yourselves sick.

If you ban this account I assume you are mad with power again. I am Stormin' Norman, the Oncoming Storm. You can ban my accounts, but doing so will cause you to become haunted forever by my ghost as it devours your souls and minds.

Contrary to popular belief I have friends, I make friends where I go. I have at least three ebooks published and been invited to places on the Internet. I got many friends in real life and looking to get another business started. Why? It is because I (unlike you all) have moved on and done creative things and learned new things. So keep on trying to keep me down, you cannot hold me down without holding yourselves down.

Free your hatred of me, and you can free yourselves to do whatever you like. Refuse and you will be on the same old path that leads to nowhere.

If you reply or keep talking about me, you have made a foolish choice.
New Just leave.
You are not welcome here.
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[E.T. finally dies... general clapping and hurrahs]
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