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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Android malware! On Facebook!
Caught on camera! Sorry folks, another thing to worry about..


got an iphone just in time

"Pictures are better then words because some words are big and hard to understand"
Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
New You sure?

This SEEMS (please correct me if I'm wrong) that by visiting the web page it downloaded a file. And then the end user EXECUTED IT.

New Hey...
Dumass Android User... Enable the "untrustworthy sources" download feature and then go to this website and download and install a suspect package.

Nevermind I've just asked you to lower your drawers and defenses... so I can screw you blind with you saying YES... just do this and everything will be JUST FINE...

Oh, can I have you PIN for your bank? Ok thanks.

SSN? Ok thanks.

This is bullshit Bill. I guess you;d have fallen for this with your claim of "Got the iPhone *just in time*" schtick.


New Hey too
Be nice.

He really does believe these things. And is being semi-helpful (in is holier than thou lookee-what-i-got way).

So keep that in mind when you slap him down. I told you years ago but you forgot.

Hey Bill. Don't piss off Greg. He's got the codes and the coordinates.
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