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New Hey...
Dumass Android User... Enable the "untrustworthy sources" download feature and then go to this website and download and install a suspect package.

Nevermind I've just asked you to lower your drawers and defenses... so I can screw you blind with you saying YES... just do this and everything will be JUST FINE...

Oh, can I have you PIN for your bank? Ok thanks.

SSN? Ok thanks.

This is bullshit Bill. I guess you;d have fallen for this with your claim of "Got the iPhone *just in time*" schtick.


New Hey too
Be nice.

He really does believe these things. And is being semi-helpful (in is holier than thou lookee-what-i-got way).

So keep that in mind when you slap him down. I told you years ago but you forgot.

Hey Bill. Don't piss off Greg. He's got the codes and the coordinates.
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He's at the sack of hair level...and sinking rapidly.
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