Darn it.

I am running BEA's Tuxedo, Jolt and Weblogic on my RS/6000 B80s. Plus Tuxedo on our AIX Oracle servers


I have to use sticky-bit routing between 10 Weblogic instances running on the same box to keep reponse fast. Dam thing just slows after about 75 persistent connections with Appserv Generated Dynamic content. I have even started running Weblogic on the report servers(which used to transfer the reports back to the main portal servers) to reduce the amount of load on the primary Webservers. Machine can handle tons more load.... but I just don't have the memory to devote to more instances.

Each Tuxedo instances requires 300MB (6 running), Jolt requires about another 300MB total, each instance of Weblogic with 150 Threads (10 times what BEA says will be MORE than enough for anything you can cook up) takes 175MB. This machine only has 4GB of memory. Which leaves 150MB for the system to be running in.. GEEZ.

Be careful...I would rather use Websphere, when compared to BEA's stuff. Course I am not an IBM biggot. All ya'all should know that by now. Just that, when I see what works and what doesn't really do what is advertised, makes a big difference for me.

I just have a dim view on Java Based stuff... I like Java... but seriously folks... native binaries for some stuff in some places is just what needs to be done. I've seen loads on the Websphere doing the exact same stuff we got BEA's stuff doing... 2 Appserv instances, 1 Webserver instance. Faster, lower load... less memory requirements higher cache amounts (where able), systems just run easier... less processes too.

I had to raise the BEA machine to allow 4096 Processes per user, with 16384 total concurrent processes on the system. The Websphere machine, defaults worked (256 and 4096).

I am not saying BEA's products are bad, just Websphere is that much better, for AT LEAST what we are doing.

If yah, need more info... ping at "edu.grcc@gfolkert"

Edited wording.... to be more appropriate.