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New My "Disinclined to help" is because of your cute...
Way of asking for help, you dolt.

So why not just use Windows if you are on the clock. Why even waste time booting another OS.

And yes it IS/WAS the Stupid Debian Developers that think this package is optional. Its not "configure-debian" either.

As for me being disinclined to help, its because of your cute little asswipe comment.

that's a big "This Linux stuff is SHIT and YOU ARE TOO... But you have to help me" kind of comment.

I'm done being shat upon and then being asked to help *you* (or those with similar attitudes) to help fix your problems.

If you want help... ask nicely... or shut the hell up.

Otherwise, I suggest you just quietly use Windows and like it.

And, yes, BTW, I do know the fix for your problem... seems there are some detection packages (one in particular) that aren't deemed required.

It goes without saying that searching for answers like this leads people to blow it off, we don't care to pissed upon and be required to cheerfully respond.

If you weren't using a Volunteer distro, you could pay for your pissy demeanor and still get support cheerfully. Why not goto SUSE or Redhat, or even Ubuntu and pay for support if YOU ARE BILLABLE and HAVE TO MAKE A PROFIT! You talk out of one side and say other things out the other.

Have a nice life with Windows and shutup and enjoy it.
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New Reading comprehension please.
I didn't ask for help - from you or anyone else.

You don't like my fix? too damned bad - it works plenty well enough and that's all I requre.

I use this stuff because it's useful. I deal with environments that Windows doesn't serve.

I contribute to the Debian team - do you?

Do I bitch now and then? Yes I do, especially for behavior that makes it difficult for me to recommend Linux to a wider audience.

New Is it something to do with plug and play monitors?
I use a KVM on my home machines and I see similar behavior when I start up a linux box while the KVM is pointed to a different machine. If I restart the offending box, it comes up in the expected resolution. I had assumed that when booting, the system probed to find a P&P response and if not found, defaulted to VGA. It only does this when booting without a monitor present, so it's not that much of a pain for me.

So, Greg, was my assumption anywhere close?
New That behavior would have been acceptable.
Unfortunately, with a monitor plugged in it didn't recover and didn't present any resolution choices. A power-off restart didn't help either.

If there's some secret package that fixes this, as Greg implies, it should be part of the install.
New It goes a bit deeper
KVM switches can feed incorrect EDID information to the PC. I've worked with one KVM setup where we had temporarily swapped a 17" CRT for a 15". Weeks after that, I booted up a Linux box on the switch and it came up using the 15" monitor frequencies. It turned out the KVM switch was still passing on the 15" data (easy to spot as the monitor serial number is part of the info.)

Windows seems to grab whatever settings it first encounters and doesn't care much about changes afterwards unless you go fiddle with the display settings. Linux believes what it receives in response to its P&P requests and pays the penalty if the data is incorrect.

The graphic cards themselves are involved as well. If the card can't detect a monitor on a port when the PC is started, it may just shut off the port. In that case, I haven't yet found a way to get anything back to normal short of rebooting because even recycling the X server will not reset the card.

E.g. a GeForce card with S-VHS port assumes you want TV out when no monitor is attached to the DVI or analog VGA ports and will enable only the S-VHS port. A monitor plugged in afterwards will not get any signal.
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