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New I am trying to update Dapper to Edgey
According to the instructions, I should use "gksu "update-manager -c" and tell it to upgrade. The system errors out with "can't find DistUpgradeViewGtk". They recommend that I do not go the apt-get route. So... What is DistUpgradeViewGtk and where do I get it?
Alternately, has anybody done the apt-get path successfully, and if so, how arduous was it?

New Re: I am trying to update Dapper to Edgey
Here's how I'd do it. Bear in mind that my advice is worth exactly what you paid for it, and that you should back up anything you care about before you start.

1. Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change all occurrences of "dapper" to "edgy".

2. Issue the following command: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
This will download and install a lot of packages. Be patient.

3. Issue the following command: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
The reason I use two commands - upgrade and then dist-upgrade - is that I have found in the past that a straight dist-upgrade causes pain.

4. Install the "deborphan" package : sudo apt-get install deborphan

5. Clean up old crap: sudo orphaner

6. Reboot to pick up new kernel.

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New Review video card compatibility
and various X message.

I upgraded, lost X, and was too lazy to figure it out.

I reinstalled dapper.
New In spite of inexpensive advice, it seems to have worked fine
Thank you kindly, sir. Much appreciated.
It now remains to get used to systemic behavioral changes. Such things keep life interesting.

Orphaner gave me a list of gl things to delete. I assume that these are things that are now obsolete. I wasn't aware that I was using them in the first place. Is it safe to assume that it knows what it is talking about when it wants to delete them?

Thanks again,
New In a word: yes
orphaner produces a list of packages that are installed on your system, but that nothing else that is installed on your system relies upon. Therefore, it is safe to remove these packages. It is possible that you will remove all those packages, and then those packages you just removed will make other packages orphans. The orphaner package will automatically run itself multiple times until there are no packages remaining which are orphaned.

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New Cool. Thanks.
I think I'll wait until I'm convinced the system is stable before I start removing things though. Sounds like a nice gidgit though.
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