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New The scooter/bike drill, then -
First - glad too! that The Meat wasn't processed in this little prang.

Sorta second A Scott's suggestion re a scooter, but only as a first thought.
Modern ones are much more roadworthy (but not nearly as Great Art as was my Lambretta LD-125.)

but then.. summarizing the usually lengthy dissection of scooters VS cycles:
(And the same argument via which I traded by Lambretta for a 500 cc Matchless Twin, as led to ___ and __ __ __ )

On the off-chance that you might ackshully seriously consider pocketing for yourself.. the US Car Tax for a period [??] herewith a few short-form comments on the idea.

The physics of the matter muchly favors the CG, overall handling and other attributes of a large-wheel real cycle. Whatever inherent skillz you discover you have (or.. find out you lack, somewhat) - a competently piloted, properly maintained cycle wins all the Issues of handling, stopping, bumps, cornering yada.

Trouble with modrin scooters too, is that the entry price has moved Upscale to match the dilettantes. Used but clean - even several years old - can be Just Fine. IMhO - Imric's solution is (was?) almost exactly what I'd have recommended for someone who's interested in reliable, safe simple operation.. and not so much in sailing through the swervery for sport and consciousness training. But it will do that nicely, too.

The size of his 250 cc is just Right, as it keeps the WEIGHT down - you really do not want to learn, from tyro-status - on something 400+ pounds. Not that you couldn't learn the basics as well: but less weight gives you more meat-power (literally) to manhandle the plot - thus more confidence - on the rare occasion where that might matter. This specially, if you find self trying out some simple off-road trails sometime.

Dunno what a Kawa as clean as that would cost today, but I'd opine that you need nothing more exotic to be a happy camper, break 50 mpg, go as fast as you want, and Yes: even find that getting caught in the rain (with a poncho/rainsuit along) is not what every weeenie imagines.

I'd have considered offering my cherry '81 KZ-550 to you at IWE-rates, but.. it is set up more as a 'cafe racer', thus monkey-on-stick riding position, special floating-iron front brake disk, etc. ie kitted out for fun and games. You just don't need 52 BHP. The Kawa or other brand 250 would be a much better fit, would be more maneuverable at v-slow speeds, especially while learning. Any 4-cylinder machine would present less lo-speed torque and will never be as suited to just plonking around as.. that cute, well-designed twin.



PS BTW - in case you dont't know shit: it's fucking FUN!
Cycles keep the little grey cells tuned up, the synapses defragged and overall.. cancel out the negatory effects of spending far Too MUCH time in a body-numbing sedentary CRT-mind-meld.

(And the new 'cars' are simply that exact same Couch, outfitted for the road, for potatoe comfort \ufffdber alles.)

This plethora of transistor$ has already crippled the youngest folks, now tethered 20/7 to endless sound-alike sound clips - but many of you soon-to-be geezerlets were not addicted in the cradle: you still have a chance ... to refurbish your badly abused psyches. Done both. This ain't theoretical... werd.
New "Fun" isn't the issue any more. :(
The other week, I was talking to an old friend I hadn't talked to in a while. I realized that I was going on about my problems, so I apologized for monopolizing the conversation.

Her response?

"No, not at all, your life has been MUCH more interesting than mine!"

The sad thing is, she meant it.

I know the universe doesn't mean things personally, that it's not just out to get me - but lately, I've begun to feel like my life exists solely to give other people an excuse to say "there, but for the grace of God go I." I don't TRUST the universe to give me a break any more. If I get on that motorcycle and drive across town, I'll wake up in a hospital. Hell, I'll probably get shot riding the bus, or something like that...
Hurt me if you must, but let the duckie go!
New Re: "Fun" isn't the issue any more. :(
Only You know about your own general er, 'coordination' - of course. If say, 2-wheel intuition has always been kinda lacking? ... bummer.

Still, remember too -- from your vantage, not within a steel cocoon -- you also See clues instantly, about where nearby cars are heading; you can notice a tire tracking a dime-width in one direction or another. At freeway speeds.

The moving-brain is really Quite Ept in catching such hints, but the 'fastest-brain' we have: the Instinctive center makes the instant-judgments, sometimes almost miraculously. (Notice how.. when you're walking near a cliff-edge, that Something which is making you Very Alert about your inner-ear balance, second-by-second. That's an experiment which anyone can make.)

Ask any psych major who's learned to ride - about that 'noticing'/ awareness-level..

Anyway, the fun part is optional. As practical matters -
Parking is usually a breeze.. all aspects (including insurance) are simply, Cheaper all around. BUT, so long as your psyche were convinced that you'd be dead meat in a trice -?- well ... we do seem to create self-fulfilling prophecies. For whatever 'reason'.

Luck on the coin toss. :-)

New I'm glad you're allright, Thane.

"When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life." -- By Geoffrey F. Abert

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind, don't matter - and those who matter, don't mind." -- By Dr. Seuss

"Sometimes it takes a whole lot more strength to walk away than to stand there and fight." -- By the character of John Abbott: said on Young & Restless on 5/19/06
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