Only You know about your own general er, 'coordination' - of course. If say, 2-wheel intuition has always been kinda lacking? ... bummer.

Still, remember too -- from your vantage, not within a steel cocoon -- you also See clues instantly, about where nearby cars are heading; you can notice a tire tracking a dime-width in one direction or another. At freeway speeds.

The moving-brain is really Quite Ept in catching such hints, but the 'fastest-brain' we have: the Instinctive center makes the instant-judgments, sometimes almost miraculously. (Notice how.. when you're walking near a cliff-edge, that Something which is making you Very Alert about your inner-ear balance, second-by-second. That's an experiment which anyone can make.)

Ask any psych major who's learned to ride - about that 'noticing'/ awareness-level..

Anyway, the fun part is optional. As practical matters -
Parking is usually a breeze.. all aspects (including insurance) are simply, Cheaper all around. BUT, so long as your psyche were convinced that you'd be dead meat in a trice -?- well ... we do seem to create self-fulfilling prophecies. For whatever 'reason'.

Luck on the coin toss. :-)