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New Re: Microsoft fragments Windows
And to think they started out in 1980 with only one OS...XENIX ,an OS based on UNIX.
"Microsoft announces Microsoft Xenix OS, a portable operating system for 16-bit microprocessors. It is an interactive, multiuser, multitasking system that will run on Intel 8086, Zilog Z8000, Motorola M68000, and DEC PDP-11 series. All of Microsoft's existing system software (Cobol, Pascal, Basic, and DBMS) will be adapted to run under the Xenix system, and all existing software written for Unix OS will be compatible as well. "

--from a Microsoft press release, 1980

New Misinterpretation
The one thing I will grant to Gates is that he understood the need for simple multitasking. He really did have a sort of vision of a desktop computer being useful by being able to do more than one thing at the same time. It's strange that Windows has become so incoherent. We are deceived in a way by the power of modern hardware. The early PC was more primitive than you can possibly imagine, unless you were there. DOS was all it could really handle. Even so, you would make useful software for it. The real irony is that Gates is killing the very thing he did so much to make essential.
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New Ever see Geoworks?
GEOS - graphical user environment that ran on a Commedore 64.

Geoworks - Multitasking GUI that ran on an 8086.
After 9/11, Bush made two statements:
1. "Terrorists hate America because America is a land of freedom and opportunity."
2. "We intend to attack the root causes of terrorism."

Sounds like everything is going according to plan.
New Or, as one comentator said at the time . .
. . "This is what Windows 3.1 should have been". Microsoft applied full monopoly leverage (under Non Disclosure Agreements, of course), so just about nobody wrote software for it out of fear of being black listed.

Current versions of the GeoWorks suites are sold as NewDeal Office, BreadBox Ensemble (available bundled with DRDOS 7.03 for $129) and NewDeal School Suite. They are still well thought of by users and reviewers, and also run in a DOS window under OS/2 (and probably Linux) and in DOS emulation on the Mac.

GeoWorks itself, having failed to achieve a major position in mobile devices, is trying to liquidate but wasn't able to get enough stockholders to vote (April 2003). The DOS products were spun off long ago, so they will survive GeoWorks itself.

New Geoworks was great...
...AOL used to use it, too.

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New How about Windows 3.0?
As I recall, Windows 3.0 had an 8086/8088 mode. In the college lab I used to work in, we had 640K IBM PC systems with CGA running Windows 3.0 over a Novell Netware network. Windows 3.0 was loaded off a network drive, the PC and XT systems did not have a hard drive but a floppy boot disk to get on the Netware network. We also had bus mice on the PC and XT systems. It was I think 640x200 mode with 2 colors with the CGA driver.

Of course when DOS came out, 640K was not very common. So Windows 3.0, GEOS/GeoWorks, etc wouldn't have been possible without extra memory added.

"Bill gates cannot guarantee Windows, so how are you going to guarantee my safety?"
-John Crichton to the Emperor of the Scarrans on [link|http://www.farscape.com|FarScape]
New How about a warm Ex-Lax milkshake with a mouse port?
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