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New Gillmor on UK surveilance, etc.
As a public service to move some more traffic off ezboard...

Dan Gillmor of the SJMN has had several columns which discuss some of the issues we've been haggling over on IWeThey in this thread:

[link|http://pub13.ezboard.com/fiwetheynewspicksii.showMessage?topicID=1662.topic|Tampa Implements 24/7 Surveillance Cameras].

Gillmor's story is here:

[link|http://web.siliconvalley.com/content/sv/opinion/dgillmor/weblog/|A Call for Freedom]

It's a good read with lots of links to other commentary.


New Gilmor is a thoughtful guy
And he gets it. His July 1 "Disengaging from Microsoft" is a landmark move I think - a lot of people are just coming up to the "fed up and looking for alternatives" point. Critical mass can't be too far behind.
New Cool
I liked his phrase "apoplectic diatribe". Guilty :)
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