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New With care
If we do something like this, we must do it with care.

Remember that it was thinking like that, that caused us to arm the anti-Russian rebels in Afganistan in the first place.

As for enemies, I'm sure he has boat loads. Remember that the Taliban doesn't control 100% of the area of Afganistan. Part of the north is under the control of warlords opposed to the Taliban and it's allies. I'm sure any of them would be glad to attack bin Ladin.

New Just about any way we do it . .
. . will increase hatred of America.
  • If we apply so much pressure the local government has to bend, that will increase hatred.
  • If we apply violence, that will increase hatred.
  • If we finance others, that will increase hatred (just look how much good financing and arming the Taliban did us).
I don't think we need worry too much how we do it, any way we do it will have the same effect.
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